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PAdel Clinics

HPTA, in partnership with PADELphia, hosts a variety of clinic and league options for your PADEL game!
Whatever your level and what you're looking to work on this Summer, we've got you covered!  

Summer Session I: June 12th-July 23rd (6 weeks)
Summer Session II: July 24th-September 3rd (6 weeks)

  • Advanced Glass (4.0-4.5): Become an expert in utilizing the glass to your advantage! You will learn how to send and receive shots off the back and side glass in a competitive environment.

  • Gameplay/Coaching (2.5-4.5): Be coached as you play! Come with your partner, or be partnered and learn the tactics needed to win!

  • Basic Groundstrokes (2.5-3.5): Learn the foundations of Padel by working on your groundstroke technique and form. 

  • Beginner Clinic (2.5-3.0): Intro to Padel 101. Appropriate for all Beginner Levels to get introduced to the sport and learn all aspects of the game in a fun and learning environment. 

  • Beginner: Volleys & Serves (2.5-3.0): Learn the foundations of Padel at the net! Take your game to the next level through developing a strong serve and net game. 

  • Offensive Play (3.5+): Dominate! Take control of the net and court and get ahead!

  • Overheads: Offensive & Defensive (3.5+):  Take your overheads to the next level! Sharpen your offensive and defensive overhead skills. (Shoulder warm-ups required!)

  • Intermediate Clinic (3.5): Padel 201. Establish your game and get ahead of the competition! Bring your partner and hone your skills. 

  • Defensive Play (3.5+): Step back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Learn how to take back control through defensive play. Lobs are a must!

  • Lob & Driving off Glass (3.5-4.0): Lob! Lob! Lob! Take back the rally and drive your opponent up the wall. 


Advanced Glass (4.0-4.5)
Time: 9:30-11AM

Gameplay/Coaching (3.5-4.0)
Time: 6:30-8PM



Offensive Play (3.5+)
Time: 9-10AM

Beginner Clinic (2.5-3.0) 
Time: 5:30-6:30PM


Basic Groundstrokes (2.5-3.5)
Time: 9

Offensive & Defensive (3.5+)

Time: 12

Intermediate Clinic (3.5)
Time: 5:30



Defensive Play (3.5+)
Time: 9-10AM

Gameplay/Coaching (4.0-4.5)
Time: 6:30-8PM



Lob & Driving off Glass (3.5-4.0)
Time: 9:30

Gameplay/Coaching (2.5-3.0)
Time: 7:30

Beginner: Volleys & Serves (2.5-3.0)
Time: 9

Gameplay/Coaching (3.5+)
Time: 10:30



Beginner League (2.5-3.0)
Time: 7:30-9AM

Ladies League (3-3.5)
Time: 12-1:30PM

Intermediate League (3.5-4.0)

Time: 7-8:30PM


Intermediate League (3.5-4.0)
Time: 7:30-9AM

Beginner League (2.5-3.0)
Time: 7-8:30PM



Ladies League (3-3.5)
Time: 12-1:30PM

Advanced League (4.5+)
Time: 8-9:30PM


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